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Electronic material


Multilayer CCL with internal circuitries RISHO Multi Specifications
Multilayer CCL with 3~22-layer made of RISHO high performance PWB material

High performance multilayer cross section

CS-4356SHalogen-free,Low CTE 6-layer CCL
Automotive ECU substrate
PTH reliability
-55℃⇔150℃ 2000cycle OK
-65℃⇔125℃ 3000cycle OK

Black colored Halogen-free Low CTE 4-layer CCL for Radio controlled watch

▲Exposure process of inner circuit ▲Automated Optical Inspection system up to
50μm/50μm line & space patterns
▲Vacuum press machine for RISHO multi ▲Etching line up to 0.06mm core material
▲Inner layer circuit of RISHO Multi 6-layer substrate ▲Structure of 6-layer substrate