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Epoxy cast resin electric device

2007 energy saving standard compliant

CO2 reduction:2.6t/year
Cost saving:¥75,000/year

(3-Phase 300kVA Load factor:40%)

Manufacturable range
Fit for replacement

2007 energy saving standard compliant
High efficiency transformer with amorphous alloy core
CO2 reduction:4.1t/year
Cost saving:¥121,000/year

(3-Phase 300kVA Load factor:40%)

Transformer for special purpose such as Wind generation,UPS,Direct inverter or Power storage system is also available according to customer's requirement

Transformer with heavy duty structure for Wind turebine systems


We have developed the world's first epoxy cast resin capacitor in 1985.
We are recommending combination-use with serial reactor and Discharge coil.

Combination use of capacitor and serial reactor is efficient for preventing trouble caused by harmonics

discharge coil

With discharge coil connected to capacitor circuit,residual charge can be consumed instantly.

Instrument transformer

More than 100 kind of transformers from LV to HV are available

Current transformer
Voltage transformer

Various types of hook rod are available as a must-have item of switchboard or cubicle

limiting reactor

Air core coil type reactor with excellent short circuit resistance.
We are recommending as a protection device of an On-Site generation system against fault current

Installed in power conditioner which converts DC power generated by solar panel to AC power.

Excellent in low loss and low noise property

Post resin insulator, up to 70,000V, manufactured by APG(automatic pressure gelation process) is available
Resin bushing is also available.

Cast Eooxy insulators with built in porcelain capacitors in order to detect voltage .

Cast resin products such as bus bar support or switch cylinder are also available besides resin insulators

Epoxy bushing where the part installed in open air is covered with silicone rubber.

We have developed a transformer which has earthquake resistance strength of 2G after the Great Hanshin Earthquake
Earthquake resistant test result of this transformer can be seen at this page