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Electronic material

Halogen-free,High heat resistant,High thermal conductive,Low CTE or Low Dk/Df CCL for advanced applications

Paper/Phenolic HB,Glass/Epoxy G-10,Paper/Epoxy FR-3,or CEM-3 CCL for general applications
RISHO is one of the few manufacturers producing these CCL in Japan.

RISHO high performance PWB material with 3~22-layer internal circutries

White colored CCL with excellent anti-discoloration property by heat or UV-rays.High thermal conductive type is also available.

Film-like PWB material used for Tape Automated Bonding.

Excellent thermal conductivity for Power devices or Power LEDs

Used as Backer boards of FPC where electric parts or connectors are mounted.

Paper/Phenolic laminates covered with Rubber sheet
Used as seal material of Aluminum electrolytic capacitor

Bonding sheet for making thermal substrate of LEDs or Power devices

chip LED

Aluminum base PWB material,High thermal conductive CCL , Bonding sheet or Resin Coated Copper for thermal substrate of LED or Power devices