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Mounting points of RISHOLITE thermal solution materials


Proposal of applications of RISHO thermal solution materials

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LED material


Brief explanation


Aluminum base PWB material

Aluminum base PWB material composed with Insulation resin layer covered with Copper foil.

Two types of Insulating layer ,"Resin type" and "Prepreg type", are available.

We are recommending as heat dissipation substrate of Power LEDs or Power devices.

Solder crack resistant type with soft insulation layer in order to absorb thermal expansion of Aluminum plate is also available.


High thermal conductive White colored CCL

CCL for LED subsrate with excellent Anti discoloration property by UV and Heat.


High thermal conductive CCL

Glass/Epoxy CCL with Excellent thermal conductivity of 3.0W/mK.

As consisting of only glass fabric ,thin substrate up to 0.06mm can be laminated.

This thinness can make thermal resistance low and heat of power devices can be dissipated efficiently.


High thermal conductive Bonding sheet

Bonding material for making LED or Power device substrate with heat dissipation property.

Excellent in both Thermal conductivity and Insulating property.

Low resin flow type or Anti dicoloration type are also available.


High thermal conductive prepreg

Excellent in thermal conductivity of 3.0W/mK in spite of consisting of glass fabric.

And also available for multilayer processing.

With using this prepreg as bonding sheet,thermal solutions of PWB can be realized easily.


Resin Coated Copper

Copper foil coated with insulating adhesive.With using this RCC, thermal substrate can be made easily


Line ups




Product code

Thermal conductivity

of insulation layer

Color of

insulation layer

Breakdown voltage

Glass transition



Features Applications



Aluminum base PWB material AC-7900 1 White  4 (0.06mm)
7 (0.12mm)

・Low cost

・Discoloration resistance

・Insulation resistance

・LED light
・LCD back light
3 Ivory  4 (0.08mm)
7 (0.12mm)
180 Long selling for 20 years ・LED light
・Power supply
AC-7303 3 Ivory  6 (0.12mm) 170 Solder crack resistance ・LED light
・Automotive LED
AC-7302 2 Ivory  6 (0.10mm) 165 Solder crack resistance ・LED light
・Automotive LED
AC-7200TY 5 Ivory  5(0.12mm) 200 High thermal conductivity ・Industrial LED
・Automotive LED
AC-7210N 10 Ivory  5 (0.12mm) 300

・High Tg

・High thermal conductivity

・Automotive LED
・Power device

・Industrial LED

Cu base PWB material CC-7004 3 Ivory  5 (0.08mm) 180 Insulation resistance ・Automotive appliance
CC-7200TY 5 Ivory  5 (0.12mm) 200 High thermal conductivity ・Automotive appliance
Bonding sheet AD-7006 0.3 Clear 120

・Low resin flow.

・Flexurability after thermosetting

・Industrial LED
・Hybrid substrate


【Thickness of resin layer】

AD-7006: 40μm
AD-7006W: 40μm
AD-7303: 80μm
AD-7200TY: 120μm
AD-7210N: 120μm


AD-7006W 0.3 White 120
AD-7303 3 Ivory  6 (0.12mm) 170 Solder crack resistance

・Industrial LED

・Automotive LED

AD-7200TY 5 Ivory  5 (0.12mm) 200 Handleability ・Industrial LED
・Automotive LED
AD-7210N 10 Citron 5 (0.12mm) 300

・High Tg

・High thermal conductivity

・Automotive LED
・Power device

・Industrial LED

Resin coated copper CD-7200TY 5 Ivory  4 (0.08mm) 200 Handleability

・Industrial LED

・Automotive LED

High thermal conductive Glass/Epoxy CCL CS-3945 1.3
(thick direction)
White  7 (0.11mm) 140

・Low cost
・Discoloration resistance

・LED light
・LCD back light