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Insulating material / Industrial plastic


High heat resistant Glass/Epoxy laminates for Solder pallet







Standard specicication


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Solering process with Soler Pallet

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  • Excellent mechanical strength for fine machining.
  • Excellent durability against repetitive soldering of more than 20,000-time.
  • Excellent chemical resistance against soluble flux or pallet cleaner.
  • Excellent reliability proved by a lot of delivery records to major EMS manufacturers.
  • Teflon-coating is not necessary to make up for durability or cleanability.
Merit comparison of using solder pallet
Solder pallet
Without With
Yield - Reduction of defective soldering
Masking proces Manual Setting on pallet
Line width adjustment According to each PWB's size Standardized
Thermal stress to electronic components Large Small

Test data

Loss on heat of 300 degree C Bending strngth / Flexural modulus
Chemical strength(Flux resistance) End mill workability
Thin bottom strength Thin wall strength