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Insulating material / Industrial plastic

Long seller item of RISHO for more than 70 years
Used for various industrial use such as Rotary switch,Brush holder of electric motor,Insulating spacer,Heat insulation plate and so on.

Long seller item of RISHO for more than 50 years.
Industrial plastic pipe with excellent insulting property as well as mechanical strength.
Used as Transformer insulating cylinder,Piston wear ring of hydraulic equipment , Industrial winding core and so on.

Paper/Phenolic laminates used as Entry & Back-up board at PWB drilling process.


Specially developed for Solder pallet
Excellent in every property for this use such as Mechanical strength,Heat resistance or Dimensional stability

Wave soldering pallet

Designing and Processing of Wave soldering pallet is also available
Flow diagram from order acceptance to shipment

About solder pallet

RISHO newly developed insulating material for transformer cylinder
Excellent in both mechanical strength and insulating properties

Recently application of thermosetting resin pipe to winding core of industrial material such as paper , Glass fabric ,Film or Foil is increasing.

FRP pipe made by winding up glass roving on a mandrel with resin impregnation

Highest grade Glass/Epoxy Pipe or Plate made by vacuum casting method
Used for High grade insulation or Air sealing application.

Insulating paper with diamond pattern resin application.
Used as inter layer insulating material of transformer winding

Various types of prepreg such as Paper/Phenolic, Cotton/Phenolic, Glass/Epoxy, Glass nonwoven/Epoxy or other are available

Cotton/Phenolic laminated pipe with excellent abrasion resistance is used as rigging material

Bolts & Nuts with made of Glass/Epoxy,Cotton/Phenolic or others.
Associated parts such as insulating washer,bush or collar is also available.

WOODLYTE is the laminated wood made of veneers impregnated with Phenolic resin.Excellent In Insulating property or Mechanical sytength compared to usual Plywood or LVL